why driq?

DriQ Health is an intelligent IoT diaper monitoring system for the management of urinary incontinence among adults in long-term care (LTC) and in patients with complex conditions in hospital geriatric departments. Deploying a reusable DriQ Tag agnostic to diaper brands, communicating instances of "wet events" from the connected diaper to the cloud, and integrating with Nursing Station Consoles to issue alerts & predict trends in real-time.

who is using it?

Nursing Homes

There are 15,600 nursing homes, with 1.7 million senior residents.

Continuously monitor urinary incontinence to improve quality of life and optimize staff resources.


Consistently provide the best patient care.

Access essential quality of life data, identify trends, emerging problems, and sources of incontinence to respond to emergencies in real-time.

Home Care

Manage infections risks and cost of supplies

Reduce urinary incontinence symptoms like skin irritation, pressure sores, urinary tract infections and manage patients’ risk of falling.