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    DriQ Hub & Tag

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device Step 1.

DriQ Tag is placed on the diaper

A diaperagnostic DriQ tag is placed on the outside of any diaper to continuously monitor its moisture state in real-time.

cloud Step 2.

DriQ Connects to cloud

The DriQ hub continuously reads the DriQ tag by utilizing edge computing and AI, analyzing the diaper status & reporting it to the cloud in real-time.

console Step 3.

Access data in console

The cloud is able to connect with all the deployed DriQ hubs. Utilizing the sophisticated web-console, it makes the status and data analytics of each patient available to nursing and medical staff.

driq hub

The DriQ hub is the device that “connects” the patient to the cloud. By utilizing sophisticated edge-computing and AI, it monitors the state of the diaper, as well as, the state of the patient. All the communications on the hub and the cloud are secure and highly encrypted.

Driq smart diaper system
Driq smart diaper system
Driq smart diaper system
DriQ Tag

driq tag

The DriQ tag is a special type of RFID sensor that uses patented technology and electromagnetic principles to identify the state of the diaper without physical contact with the patient.

driq console

The driq console is a fully-hosted, web application that enables end users to perform real-time monitoring and historical analysis of captured data, as well as collaborating with peers in an intuitive web-based environment.

Driq smart diaper system